How It Works

A STACK Pixel account has a number of components that work together to create a customized team start page.

A STACK Pixel account comes with an Administrator Dashboard to manage the account. The administrator manage members, account STACKS (and associated links), announcements, branding and more.

The Account STACKS, announcements, news feed and branding are seen by all members of the account.

When you invite a Member, they are emailed the login link and a random password so they can login and starting using STACK Pixel immediately. Each member can add their own private STACKS (and associated links) and manage their profile. Their STACKS are completely private, other members can’t see them and neither can the account administrator.

The final (and most important) step is each member makes the STACK Pixel login page their default start page in their browser. This ensures STACK Pixel opens automatically. Once open, they leave that tab open all day for quick and easy access to all the sites they need throughout the day.

Created to be the Digital Dashboard for your Business

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