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STACK Pixel was created to be the central repository for all the sites you, your team, your customers or your members visit each day. It is a little thing to save a few seconds each time you have to visit a site, but over the course of a day or week, it adds up. Less time spent looking for that client site URL or getting to a login page ultimately saves you time and money.

STACK Pixel is can be used in a variety of ways. It can be a productivity tool for your business. It can be a marketing tool for your clients. It can also be a member tool for clubs, associations, non-profit organizations and more.

With a little creativity, STACK Pixel can be whatever you want it to be because it has a variety of content widgets that you can toggle on and off (with more to come).

If you would a full walk-thru, please email brett@stackpixel.com.

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Productivity Tool

If your team has numerous sites the visit throughout their day to for their job, STACK Pixel is a great productivity tool to save them time and frustration. It goes beyond being an advanced bookmarking tool

Marketing Tool

Would you like to have your content in front of your customers on a daily basis? STACK Pixel can do that by providing your customers a simple tool that makes their day easier while promoting your brand.

Member Tool

STACK Pixel can a be perk you provide to your members. Not only can you push news and updates, you can highlight sponsors, sell advertising and more. It could be the small thing that keeps your membership happy.

Created to be the Digital Dashboard for your Business

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