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Are you a Marketing Manager, Sports Fanatic or Freelancer?

If so, we bet you have 10-30 sites you visit almost daily.  How much time do you spend typing the web site URL or just typing a search term into your browser and clicking the search result?  If you’ve moved beyond that frustration, you probably use bookmarks to save those sites.  The problem is you have to set up some type of syncing service to sync those bookmarks across all your devices like your computer, iPad and phone.

Rather than trying to manage bookmark sharing tools across multiple browsers, computers and mobile devices, we created STACK Pixel to be a central repository for all the sites you visit each day without having to remember and/or type URLs.

It is a little thing to save a few seconds each time you have to visit a site, but over the course of a day and week, it adds up. Less time spent looking for that development URL or getting to a login page ultimately saves you time and money.

STACK Pixel was created to be your Digital Dashboard

Coming Integrations

To make STACK Pixel even more useful, the following are in the integrations pipeline.  Seeing these numbers will help you and your team take a holistic view of your business.  What isn’t tracked, isn’t acted on.

Google Analytics

Traffic Numbers


Subscriber Count


Daily Deposits


Follower Count


Follower Count


Follower Count

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the target audience

STACK Pixel was created to store links, lots of links that are visited almost daily. This generally means businesses like digital marketing agencies that help others manager their online business. It could also be for companies with a large portfolio of products or services that each have their own web site and associated social media accounts.

In the end, STACK Pixel is for anyone that wants to manage a large number of links and have easy access to those links on any device combined with tools to keep your team informed about your business.

When is the launch date

The target launch date is January 15th.  With that being said, the core functionality of the front-end app is up and running so we’re asking for beta testers.  Once we launch, they will be offered a discount code to continue their subscription at a reduced rate.

The next big push is to build out the administrative back-end for account owners as well as the new account on-boarding processes.  Once these pieces are complete, we will launch.

What is the difference between the Free and Paid Versions

The Free version of STACK Pixel will be branded with STACK Pixel logos, blog posts and promotions (a.k.a advertisements) for STACK Pixel, Pixel Jocks and products/services we use. It will not include any 3rd-party integrations or administrative access.

Free accounts can easily be upgraded to a paid plan.

Paid plans include branding, full administrative access, all future features, 3rd-party integrations and no promotions of any kind.

What is the timeline for new features and integrations?

Once we launch, we will work with customers to determine what features and 3rd-party integrations should be implemented next.

Our goal is to add the highlighted 3rd-party integrations mentioned above and then add features from the pipeline as they fit our goals and the goals of our customers.

What STACK Pixel Isn't

It is not intended to be the archive tool for blog posts you want to ready later, that news article from the WSJ article you want to review come tax time or the link to Amazon for that new Xbox game for your son.  There are honestly much better tools for that, the bookmarking feature built into all browsers for example.

STACK Pixel provides quick access to the sites you visit on regular basis – be that daily, weekly and monthly – on all your devices with additional features to keep your team informed about what is going on with your business.