At its core, STACK Pixel is about helping you manage the sites you visit every day.  Rather than typing the URL in the address bar or searching through your bookmarks, STACK Pixel provides a way to categorize those links that are easy to find and click. Once you enter your sites, you’re never more than two clicks and a few seconds away from loading that site.

STACK Pixel is web based so it works in every browser on every device.  Once you set it as your browser home page, you’ll begin to understand how this seemingly simple tool can transform how you or your team interact with the web and how much time you will save.

The FREE Plan includes the following:

  • Unlimited STACKS and Links
  • Personal Notes

SOLO plans come with these benefits beyond the FREE plan:

  • Branded with your company logo and colors
  • Company RSS Feed
  • Easy Link Sharing

BUSINESS plans come with these additional benefits to help teams stay informed about the business overall.

  • Company Notifications
  • Unlimited Members

There are many more features to come – see what’s in the features pipeline.